Armours of Love

A few years ago I realised that the love that I have for nature and sacred sites in Australia is linked to the land and energy of my ancestors and parents’ birth place; San Marco in Lamis.  The mountain village is located in the Gargano region of South Eastern Italy. This area is a promontory and is well known for it’s amazing coastline and ancient forests.  It is also home to one of Western Europe’s oldest shrine, for the Archangel Michael, where a pilgrimage to the grotto has been held since the Middle Ages.

My research into the archetypal energy of the land is inspired by the work of John Michell whose extensive work includes Sacred Geometry, and the link between the ancient sacred sites around the Earth.   He offers insight into why these sites are significant and have become powerful places of worship.  Many of these sites now have shrines, temples and cathedrals built on them, as they have been recognised by many cultural and religious groups to be a Sacred place.

The knight that featured in the “Armours of Love” exhibition in 2007 is an integral part of my story. For me it represents the mythology and ultimately the energy of place. The image of my drawing of Guidarello Guidarelli, when combined with the sunset sky that I photographed nearly thirty years ago is striking and taps into our deeper awareness of archetypal symbols.


The painting of the eye with the spirals is symbolic of my experience when in 2004 I reconnected with the spiral symbol.  I saw spirals everywhere and it inspired me to create this artwork.



Use of images – Artwork by Anna Vincitorio (Kumashov) cannot be copied or used without permission.